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Today his team of dog scientists have single-handedly sleuthed out the exact breed of more than 17 billion dogs to within All of that hard work has paid off. Sturmond Jonas, Lance Corporal Barksley, and Wisdom Panel's team of Ivy League—trained scientists have built a name for themselves as the number one dog forensic scientists in the world. Celebrities have even started to take notice, and folks like Christopher Walken, Beyonce, and Dabney Fent are all clients.

But despite the accolades and fame, the greatest reward was finally figuring out Barksley's breed. Wisdom Panel's dog DNA tests are designed to be easy to use. The procedure itself is the same for all 3 types of dogs and you can choose the specific one during your registration process.

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Results differ, however. Designer and purebred results provide a Principal Component Analysis Chart, which compares your dog with specimens of the same breed in the database.

Purebred results will also feature an additional Homozygosity Profile. An important caveat is that Wisdom Panel 4. This is a severe limitation. To give you a better perspective, you can inspect sample reports on the site, featuring mixed-breed, purebred, and designer iterations. It offers everything Wisdom Panel 4. The main purpose of this test is determining the genetic health index GHI of your dog. The test is usually performed through cheek swabs, but if this method is unavailable for some reason deceased stud , semen samples can also be used. These tests are not available on the site, but you can purchase them through retail pet stores and e-commerce retailers.

Mars Veterinary has ample technology and manpower to conduct cutting-edge research in the field and it has been doing it for almost 2 decades. Mars Veterinary has a very strict policy when it comes to sharing information of any kind. Ear erectness , one variant. Instead of series of one-off tests for diseases and individual mutations, Optimal Selection delivers a comprehensive set of results for more than genetic diseases. However, because not all gene variants cause disease in each breed, and most disease variants have not been investigated in all breeds, detailed information about the test results are provided in three categories:.

As genetic samples are collected and new potential disorders become known, they are listed only after certain criteria have been met to suggest they may be of significance in the breed:. Once these criteria have been met the condition is listed as a new potential disorder in the breed and additional follow-up and analysis is performed. In this way, Optimal Selection users—through their sample submissions—help with ongoing research, and help to provide early surveillance for disorders that may be spreading in the population.

Following is a list of diseases that are covered by Optimal Selection. Note that not every disease is applicable to every breed. Please be aware that, due to differences in laws by country, this test list applies to US customers only. For international inquiries, please contact us for more information.

Why genetic diversity? Breeding for genetic diversity may help to:. Breeding for genetic diversity is an investment in the future health of the breed. Optimal Selection provides information on the diversity in three ways:.

Best Features

To help breeders navigate the complexities of breeding for type, health and diversity, Optimal Selection offers breeders the world's first matchmaking tool. The Breeder Tool distills all the results information on the health, traits and diversity of the dogs from each breed population in the Optimal Selection database and provides a scientifically-calculated compatibility score for possible mates.

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The score helps to identify the breeding pairs that are most likely to produce the healthiest, most diverse puppies. Breeders can use this information, in addition to criteria like hip scores, conformation of the dog, etc. Unlike pedigree analysis or coefficient of inbreeding analysis, the Breeder Tool considers each dog as an individual, evaluating more than 1, data points to generate the compatibility scores.

This may have advantages over traditional techniques like pedigree analysis. DNA profiling is for the purpose of permanent identification of a dog similar to a microchip and for parentage testing; it does not screen for genetic diseases or genetic diversity.

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Because different markers are used, in significantly greater numbers, and at different locations than those used in DNA profiling, results are not equivalent or transferrable. Can I test puppies? Puppies can be tested, as their DNA results do not change with age. However, as soon as puppies are weaned, they can be safely tested following the usual guidelines. Optimal Selection dog profiles and accompanying results are designed to be easily shared or transferred to new owners when needed, free of charge, so an entire litter can be listed with Optimal Selection before they leave their birth home.

What breeds do you test for? All breeds can be tested using an Optimal Selection DNA test and receive results about individual diversity and genetic health. However, certain breed statistics will not become available until a minimum number of individuals of that breed have been tested, in order to provide statistically significant population results. Should I test my mixed-breed dog using Optimal Selection?

Optimal Selection is intended for purebred dogs only. How is the Optimal Selection Genetic Health Index result different than coefficient of inbreeding or haplotypes?

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wisdom panel insights coupon Wisdom panel insights coupon
wisdom panel insights coupon Wisdom panel insights coupon
wisdom panel insights coupon Wisdom panel insights coupon
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wisdom panel insights coupon Wisdom panel insights coupon

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